A Coruña Intermodal Station

A Coruña, Spain
43.352753, -8.409554

With the arrival of the High Speed Railway in Galicia, the stations of its main cities need to be adapted to the new standards. This is the case of A Coruña, the second largest city of the region. The competition asked for the design of an intermodal station, combining both railway and bus uses. The proposed solution not only tries to solve the functional problem related to these types of traffic, but also to take advantage of this new intervention by increasing accessibility to the Sardiñeira district, which is partially isolated behind the railway band. This also makes the station front area, now a road junction, better adapted to human-scale. The solution incorporates the original station building and uses the variations in elevation of the site topography to arrange the bus station over part of the railway terminus. Thanks to this, a transversal pedestrian crossing is also provided. Both stations share a catenary roof suspended on tree-shaped supports, which create an attractive and easy-to-understand space.

role of hbp Responsible for the conceptual and structural design of the main-roof supporting system (the trees) | 3D modelling
  • owner Adif
  • architects Rafael Moneo
  • competition 2011 (shortlisted)
  • Area 59,000 m²
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