Almonte HSR Viaduct

Cáceres, Spain
39.686324, -6.460921

This viaduct over the Alcántara Reservoir, which is part of the Madrid-Portuguese Border High Speed Rail (HSR) link, is a challenge for bridge design, engineering and construction. Its 384-m main span will make it the largest HSR arch in the world and the largest railway bridge in Spain. A both formally and structurally innovative design has been used to give response to the specific problems of a major HSR crossing from the design stage: the arch, linked to the deck at the crown, has an octagonal section with variable depth and width in its central 210 m, from where it splits itself into two legs with irregular hexagonal section until its springings. The design brings together structural efficiency, out-of-plane stability (as HSR horizontal deflection limits require), improved wind-load response, transparency, aesthetics and durability.

role of hbp Responsible for conceptual, structural + detailed design | Project Leader
  • owner Adif
  • competition 2009 (winner)
  • design 2009-2010
  • construction 2011 – 2016 (expected)
  • contractor FCC+Conduril
  • Main span 384.0 m
  • Width 14.0 m
  • Maximum pier height: 65.3 m
  • bases of design
    ↑ bases of design
    aerial virtual image
    ↑ aerial virtual image
    ↑ photomontage
    virtual image
    ↑ virtual image
    wind tunnel test (wind analysis: Oritia & Boreas)
    ↑ wind tunnel test (wind analysis: Oritia & Boreas)
    several images of the bridge construction
    ↑ several images of the bridge construction

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