Bridge in the Aerospace Park of Barcelona

Viladecans, Spain
41.305273, 2.022528

This viaduct is located in the Aerospace Park of Barcelona, which is being developed in the area of Viladecans, close to El Prat Airport. The bridge allows a two-level crossing for its two main vehicular and pedestrian axes, the one carried by the bridge being the access from the C-32 highway. The proposed design is a deliberately-iconic cable-stayed bridge, with a single, subtly rocket-shaped mast, consisting of a main tapered element and four orthogonally-arranged legs when in plan view. The main body of the pylon is placed over the crossing of the two principal roads. The designed bridge intends to be a technological solution that serves as a tribute to the aerospace industry and a landmark of the park, and adds value to its installations by making them clearly identifiable from the highway and the surroundings. These formal intentions, however, are not in conflict with a proper structural scheme and behaviour.

role of hbp Responsible for competition conceptual and structural design
  • owner deltaBCN (formerly aerCAT)
  • competition 2008 (2nd position)
  • Main span 135 m
  • Width 19 m
  • Pylon height 45 m
  • preliminary model of the pylon
    ↑ preliminary model of the pylon
    inspiration for the design
    ↑ inspiration for the design
    virtual images
    ↑ virtual images

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