El Burgo Estuary footbridge

A Coruña, Spain
43.330410, -8.379315

The transformations carried out over the past 30 years in El Burgo Estuary have turned an eminently industrial area into an attractive residential district and great metropolitan-scale green recreation area. Nonetheless, transversal permeability between banks is still a hindrance to make the most of its potential: more than 2.7 km separate the two bridges that are closest to the mouth and the first of them is not accessible from the seaboard for disabled people or cyclists without dismounting from the bicycle. The proposed footbridge will partially solve this permeability problem. It has a total length of 264 m, the main channel being spanned by a 107-m half-through bowstring arch. It intends to be an elegant and transparent vision when viewed from afar, respectful with the soft topography of the banks and the estuary itself, but becoming really three-dimensional and expressive on closer inspection. The global distribution of spans looks for a compromise between scale, potential navigation and economy, trying to enhance the visual value of the area without distorting the image of the estuary.

role of hbp Conception and overall full-detail project
  • End-of-degree project recognised with distinction
  • Design 2000
  • Main span 107 m
  • Effective width 5 m
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