Footbridge over the River Nervión in Etxebarri

Etxebarri, Spain
43.246109, -2.896750

This footbridge connects two neighbourhoods that are divided by the Nervión River in the town of Etxebarri, next to Bilbao. The bridge gives easy access to a new underground station, and becomes a landmark of a newly-developed part of the town. The structural scheme of the footbridge, which is made of steel, is a single-plane, slightly-tilted, steel-bowstring arch. The triangular-shaped arch itself separates cyclist and pedestrian traffics, the transit platforms cantilevering from a trapezoid-shaped main girder (the tie in the bowstring layout) by means of ribs. The cyclist pavement is a concrete slab, while the pedestrians walk on an Iroko timber decking.

role of hbp Involved in the conceptual and structural design | preliminary structural analysis | 3D modelling and rendering
  • owner Ayuntamiento de Etxebarri
  • competition 2003 (winner)
  • construction 2004
  • contractor Sobrino
  • Main span 65.0 m
  • Effective width 2 x 3.0 m
  • Maximum arch height 8.2 m
  • preliminary sketch
    ↑ preliminary sketch
    virtual images
    ↑ virtual images
    structural model
    ↑ structural model
    view of the finished footbridge
    ↑ view of the finished footbridge

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