Oriol Park footbridge

Santurzi, Spain
43.326842, -3.025170

Santurzi is a coastal town in the North of Spain, located in a privileged area at the mouth of the Nervión Estuary, just 750 m downstream from the historic Bizkaia Bridge (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The footbridge will connect the attractive seafront promenade of the town with a new linear park that is located at a higher level and is separated by a railway band. The bridge will also serve as an access to the historic Oriol Palace, which has now been turned into a five-star hotel. The footbridge is a double-pylon cable-stayed structure with slightly tilted masts. When in plan view, it has an S-shape that will achieve three objectives: to adapt its geometry to the athletics facilities at its lower end; to gain total length in order to clear the difference of height between its two ends having an appropriate grade for the disabled; and to reduce the skew angle of the deck when it comes up to the park at the top landing. The pedestrian bridge is intended to be a transparent landmark for the town and to remind the sailing tradition of the area by its general layout.

role of hbp Involved in the conceptual and structural design | 3D modelling and rendering
  • owner Ayuntamiento de Santurzi
  • competition 2002 (winner)
  • Main span 58.5 m
  • Effective width 4.0 m
  • Maximum pylon height 34.3 m
  • preliminary sketches
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    virtual images
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