River Torío timber footbridge

León, Spain
42.587379, -5.550643

This singular timber footbridge is located in a green area of the city of León and crosses the River Torío with a main span of 41 m, an exceptional value for the type of material used. The bridge is made up of two diamond-shaped side cells and a simply-supported 15-m-long straight stretch, arranged in a similar cantilever structural scheme as the historical Forth and Quebec bridges. A group of boomerang-shaped variable-height GL-28h-glue-laminated-timber beams, externally prestressed by horizontal steel plates to achieve a bow-string behaviour, are the constituent members of the diamond cells.

role of hbp Involved in the detailed design and construction support
  • owner Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero
  • construction 2002-2003
  • contractor Necso
  • Main span 41.0 m
  • Effective width 3.0 m
  • views of the finished footbridge
    ↑ views of the finished footbridge
    fabrication of the timber structure
    ↑ fabrication of the timber structure

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