Royal Guard’s timber horse-riding arena

El Pardo (Madrid), Spain
40.524854, -3.780350

This timber structure covers the Royal Guard’s equestrian facilities inside El Pardo Royal Palace property, home of the Spanish monarchy. The structure is made up of ten 48 m span three-hinged three-centred glue-laminated-timber arches. Side cantilevers allow these arches to cover a total transversal length of slightly more than 56 m. The arches rest over concrete plinths with micropile foundations due to the location of the facilities, very close to the riverside of the River Manzanares. Half the number of the timber purlins arranged on the top of the arches merely support the top cladding while the other half also provide lateral stability to the arches themselves, allowing control of their out-of-plane and lateral-torsional buckling. A cross-bracing system between three pairs of arches gives the whole a good response to longitudinal wind loads.

role of hbp Responsible for the structural and the detailed design | Structural analysis
  • owner Ministerio de Defensa
  • architects GOP
  • construction 2004-2005
  • contractor Holtza
  • Main span 48.0 m
  • Maximum height 13.0 m
  • Total length 76.0 m
  • views of the finished arena
    ↑ views of the finished arena
    structural model
    ↑ structural model
    construction of the structure
    ↑ construction of the structure

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