Santiago Intermodal Station

Santiago de Compostela, Spain
42.870523, -8.543881

With the arrival of the High Speed Railway in Galicia, the stations of its main cities need to be adapted to the new standards. This is the case of Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the region. The competition asked for the design of an intermodal station that combined access for both railways and buses. The proposed solution not only addresses the functional problem related to these types of traffic, but also takes advantage of this new intervention to improve pedestrian accessibility across the railway tracks, an old problem in the city resulting from the growth of its southern districts. The design offers urban features to an area that was peri-urban not so long ago. This objective was achieved using a bridge/building design; a building that is at the same time a path for crossing the urban fracture caused by the railway. The historic steel roof of the original station has been used as the main element for the bus area of the station. This provided a sustainable solution that was also respectful of the area’s history.

role of hbp Competition structural analysis | 3D modelling
  • owner Adif
  • architects Rafael Moneo
  • competition 2012 (2nd position)
  • Area 53,000 m²
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