Two spatial-truss pedestrian and buggy bridges in La Cala third golf course

La Cala de Mijas, Spain
36.543635, -4.732520

During the development of La Cala Golf Complex, close to the city of Málaga on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, four singular pedestrian-and-buggy bridges were constructed as part of its Third Golf Course (the Europa Course). These footbridges create permanent pathways over the River Ojén, which divides the area. The two bridges situated further upstream have a variable-depth spatial-truss layout, fixed at both ends. Their location in the course is one where golf-ball trajectories over the bridges are highly probable, which makes it inadvisable to have structural elements over the deck. Hydraulic features allowed the variable-depth scheme, and it was feasible to build spread footings on the rocky banks of the river, directly admitting horizontal reactions. Both bridges are made of CHS steel profiles with a timber decking.

role of hbp Structural analysis | Construction design | Leader of the Unit of Supervision of Construction Works on Site
  • owner Ranchos Reunidos
  • construction 2004-2005
  • contractor ICESA
  • Main span 35.0 m (F3) / 30.0 m (F4)
  • Width 4.0 m
  • Max depth 3.9 m (F3) / 3.2 m (F4)
  • sketch and photography of the two truss bridges
    ↑ sketch and photography of the two truss bridges
    structural model
    ↑ structural model
    virtual image
    ↑ virtual image
    erection of footbridge 3
    ↑ erection of footbridge 3
    static load test of footbridge 4
    ↑ static load test of footbridge 4

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