ZAC Claude Bernard Footbridge

Paris, France
48.900306, 2.376239

This footbridge would connect two recently developed areas that are separated by a road (Boulevard Péripherique) in the North of Paris. The crossing consists of three different areas: a series of stairs and ramps arranged on a slightly varying topography at the south end; two multi-supported access ramps ascending between the trees at the north end; and the main structure over the ring road. This beam/rigid frame scheme is simply-supported on the northern artificial hill, and is partially fixed at the southern end by a V-shaped cell with its vertical uplifts restrained by steel ties. This cell may also be used as a staircase, which will allow alternative straight access to the deck. The design would provide a feeling of protection for the pedestrian crossing over the road, and would offer free views over the side green areas. Stainless steel and timber, chosen as the main structural materials, would provide the owner-requested low maintenance costs.

role of hbp Responsible for the structural design | Involved in the conceptual design
  • owner Semavip
  • architects ACXT
  • competition 2012 (shortlisted)
  • Main span 71.0 m
  • Width variable 3.4 m – 4.6 m
  • preliminary sketch of structural concept
    ↑ preliminary sketch of structural concept
    elevation sketch
    ↑ elevation sketch
    sketch of the structural elements
    ↑ sketch of the structural elements
    construction sequence
    ↑ construction sequence
    virtual image
    ↑ virtual image

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