Zorrotzaurre Bridge

Bilbao, Spain
43.267586, -2.954752

The future Zorrotzaurre Island in Bilbao (currently a peninsula) will be connected with the rest of the urban fabric by a series of bridges. This first one will clear the watercourse of the Deusto Canal, when completed, with a main span of 76.9 m and an average width of 28 m. Its innovative design concept combines two structural schemes: an inverted Fink truss (it will be the first road bridge in the world of this type to be built) and a three- span variable-height beam. This design (made of steel with a composite road deck) provides transparency and slenderness, fulfils the hydraulic requirements, has an accurate scale for an urban bridge (the height of the main mast is 15.4 m) and serves as a tribute to the sequence of cranes and towers that were plentiful in the once industrial area.

role of hbp Responsible for conceptual, structural + detailed design | Project Leader
  • owner ETS+Comisión Gestora Zorrotzaurre+Ayuntamiento de Bilbao
  • competition 2011 (winner)
  • design 2012-2013
  • construction 2014 – 2015
  • contractor Exbasa+Viuda de Sáinz+Balzola+Urssa
  • Main span 76.9 m
  • Width variable 26.8 m – 29.0 m
  • Maximum pylon height 15.0 m
  • general location
    ↑ general location
    inspirations for design + preliminary sketch
    ↑ inspirations for design + preliminary sketch
    preliminary structural analysis
    ↑ preliminary structural analysis
    exploded render
    ↑ exploded render
    virtual images
    ↑ virtual images
    birdge erection
    ↑ birdge erection
    finished bridge
    ↑ finished bridge
    finished bridge | photos: Carlos Garmendia
    ↑ finished bridge | photos: Carlos Garmendia

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